This website itself functions as part of the Distribution/Marketing strategy by creating a short-form, i.e. more immediately digestible extension of the film through 2-5min short videos and the accompanying written stories, and by posting recurring updates in the "Making Of" section. The membership-based structure of the contribution/purchase model builds up a loyal audience over time and allows people to be part of the process from the moment they stumble on this story all the way through to its completion. In addition, unlike most distribution/marketing models, this model begins now and not only upon completion. In summary, this website acts as a platform in which further access to the story, post-production stages and contribution goals, and marketing and distribution all converge and move together, rather than in separate stages.
Further Venues for Distribution Upon Completion:
1 Submission to film festivals worldwide, theatrical release in art theatres, installation at galleries/museums.
2 Continued advertising of this website and the digital content it offers through various venues such as social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), newspapers and magazines (Globe and Mail, New Yorker, etc.), online forums, blogs, and links on thematically appropriate websites.
3 Cable and Broadcast Television submission, e.g. CBC, TVO, Vision TV in Canada; BHT, Hayat TV in Bosnia; HRT1, HRT2 in Croatia; ARD, ZDF in Germany, PBS and HBO in the US.
4 Submission to digital platforms, including: NFB, The New York Times Documentaries, etc.
5 Distribution with Amazon, Vimeo, Netflix.
6 Special screenings within the educational context such as post-secondary institutions. Departments of interest span a wide spectrum such as, but not exclusive to: History, Trauma Studies, Genocide Studies, War Studies, Literature, Film Studies, Memory Studies.
7 Screenings and panel discussions with appropriate organizations such as War Child and other organizations centering around dealing with PTSD. The film can help promote discussions about dealing with the psychological effects of war both on the various generations that experienced it and the generations they pass on their experience to.